This workshop is for beginners – intermediate artists, who are interested in exploring local flora with water colour led by the Red Earth Arts Festival 2021 Artist in Residence Tania Daymond.

Tania will start you off with fun & simple exercises around observation & colour and move each participant to develop one main botanical drawing, that each person will get to take home.

You will not only learn to appreciate your surrounding botanical flora but develop a new skill, whilst having a few laughs as you get in touch with your creative side.

A great way for some timeout from the hustle and bustle of things.

VENUE: Point Samson Community Hall
WHEN: SAT 13 March | 10am - 4pm
TICKETS: $20 Concession | $25 Full
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Want to draw your very own floral ink tattoo design?

This is a fun two hour workshop is  for beginner – intermediate teenage artists, who love the idea of drawing with ink!

Use beautiful local flora to create a tattoo inspired ink line drawing and bring it to life with some colour.

This session will introduce you to drawing with ink, support the brainstorming process & show you how to detail your flora inspired tattoo design.

All materials provided so just bring yourself & your creativity!

VENUE: Point Samson Community Hall 
WHEN: SUN 21 March | 1pm - 3pm
AGE GROUP: 13 - 17 
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This special session with Kay Steele band & Steve Hensby, will be a rocking two hours.

These WA muso’s will share some of their industry experiences and approach to song writing in between a loud jam session.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct Theatre
WHEN: FRI 19 March | 3 - 5pm
TICKETS: $15 | 12 Capacity 
AGE GROUP: 13 - 17 
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Join Perth Artist Minaxi May to learn the art of Washi tape weaving - often used as a hobby craft, stationary and for decoration. You will decorate and create woven images similar to Maxxi Minaxi May's tape works.

A fun, hands on workshop, where each participant will leave with a small artwork inspired by the colours of Karratha.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct Theatre, Read Room
WHEN: MON 15 March | 3 - 5pm
TICKETS: $10 | 12 Capacity
AGE GROUP: 9 - 12
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Join Perth Artist Jessee Lee Johns!

A fun, hands on workshop exploring the drawing process.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct Red Room
WHEN: SUN 21 March | 1 - 3pm
TICKETS:$15 | 12 Capacity
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