String Symphony tells Leor’s journey of self-discovery and finding community. Hand-woven using more than one kilometre of woven rope, the giant marionette is suspended within a 5-metre truss. Illuminated from the inside by 600 LED lights, Leor comes to life when 10 community volunteers each take a string and work together.

In three acts, Leor’s adventure unfolds with the help of the narrator, the puppeteers, and an original music score. String Symphony invites 30 community members (10 per act) to contribute to the performance, gently guided by professional puppeteers from Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct Amphitheatre 
FRI, 12 March 6.30pm & 8pm |
SAT 13 March 7pm |  
SUN 14 March 6.30pm & 8pm
TICKET PRICES: This is a free event!
AGE GROUP: Suitable for all ages
BOOKING: No booking required

Every Day Super Hero is looking for recruits. This hopeful and thought-provoking art and play experience will transform participants of all ages into powerful supercitizens, ready to tackle the world problems that we face every day.

Using creativity, play, and the humble glue gun, this fun and energetic workshop teams adults with children, working together to unleash their inner superhero on a series of missions.

This is a show for adults and children to do together. Tickets are sold as 1 Adult + 1 child or 1 Adult + 2 children. Your first mission may be to find a friendly adult to bring with you.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct Theatre  
WHEN: MON 15 - THURS 18 March, 3.30pm
SCHOOL SESSIONS: MON 15 - FRI 19 March, 9.30am
TICKET PRICES: $10 Child (Adults Free)
AGE GROUP: Strictly 7 - 12 (and adults)
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Prepare for city-wide disruption as the streets are taken over, one game at a time, by deviator. This massive, immersive, outdoor game invites audiences to temporarily transform their city into a playground. Adapted on-site with a team of local artists, deviator activates philosophies around revolution, positioning ‘games’ as a potential trigger to alter the official narratives of place. As a deviator, your mission is to seek out and listen to 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. Each game is scored in increasing difficulty, and encourages players to explore their public space in a new way and deviate from the norm. You never know where the game will take you.

VENUE: Begins at Red Earth Arts Precinct
WHEN: WED 17 - SUN 21 March | 6.30pm & 8pm
TICKETS: $20 Concession | $25 Full
AGE GROUP: 13+ (Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) 
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The seas have risen, billions have died, and those who are left live on farms atop skyscrapers and mountains. The scientists have tried everything. Floating islands sank, space probes found nothing, and the giant sponges, visible from the moon, are now rotting icons of failure.

Now science and humanity are turning to the oceans themselves. A last ditch effort to save the human race requires journeying down through the mysterious depths of the deep blue sea to find a new place for us to live. Alvin Sputnik, who has just lost his wife, accepts this perilous mission so that he may to follow her soul down to the underworld so that they can be together again once more.

VENUE: Dampier Community Hall 
WHEN: SAT 20 March | 1pm & 5pm
TICKETS: $15 Concession | $30 Full
AGE GROUP: Suitable for all ages.
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