Come and experience the eccentricities and the stories of the Commonwealth of New Bayswater. New Bayswater is its own micronation, populated entirely by one solitary resident: the owner, operator, and sole employee of the New Bayswater Post—commonly regarded as the world’s worst postal service, with delivery times estimated between 1 and 52 weeks.

This March, a new branch of the New Bayswater Post is opening right here in the City of Karratha. Come have a chat to the enigmatic resident of this great (micro) nation, drop off a letter, and help him in his quest to create, send, and deliver the mail, as inefficiently as possible.

VENUE: Red Earth Arts Precinct 
WHEN: FRI 12 - SUN 21 March | 6pm - 8pm
TICKETS: This is a free event!
AGE GROUP: Suitable for all ages
BOOKING: No booking required

You’re invited to take part in this art-science experiment that will evolve over three days. Combining large-scale, collaborative drawing with an exploration of complex systems, you become part of an ongoing series that compares what patterns (social and aesthetic) emerge when groups of people follow a set of rules to make a drawing together.

The drawing will be made on the floor using colourful electrical tape, with no traditional drawing skills required.

All you’re asked to do is follow the rules.

VENUE: Karratha City Shopping Centre
WHEN: SAT 13 & SUN 14 March | 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm | School Sessions - FRI 12 March
TICKETS: Free (Bookings encouraged)
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